A Lilac Dream: The H. Moser & Cie Purple Haze

H. Moser & Cie is one of the most thought provoking brands that has come across my desk, and it shatters the barriers of the hum drum sports Rolexes we see so often. Moser is a brand that “real” horology enthusiasts respect and admire; likely because of their heritage, and keen attention to detail, or their absolutely hilarious media around Baselworld -i.e. the Swiss Alp watch, the Swiss cheese watch, and the ever so hilarious Swiss icons watch.

The Purple Haze is actually a collaboration between Moser & The Horophile. The Purple Haze is a stainless steel variant of the Venturer XL which features modern proportions with an iconic 1960’s design. In regards to size, the Venturer XL case is large (by my standards) it comes in at 43mm. But then again, this is a bold statement piece. 

This is a piece that demands attention, and will spark conversations; even with those who are not watch aficionados. It changes with every movement of light, and constantly has you wondering what haze of purple is next. The dial is clearly logo less, which really emboldens the cross hair markers.  Upon first glance you do not notice the multiple facets the dial has, but as light shifts across the dial you are in for some excitement, as it constantly looks a little different. 

I wore this piece over the Easter weekend (very fitting right?) and it garnered more attention than any other watch I’ve worn in the recent past. Whether at a restaurant, church, or family functions, I had no less than 10 people inquire or complement the watch. None of these inquisitors were watch enthusiasts, nor did a single one know who or what H. Moser is and thankfully they did not inquire to the price of this watch. 

When you flip this beauty over the fun does not stop. Of course the movement is beautifully finished and you’ll find yourself gazing through the exhibition case any chance you get. Horophile & Moser didn’t stop with just the dial of the watch, you’ll notice after very close inspection the escapement is also purple. This is a fantastic touch, and a clear indicator this piece was well thought out from top to bottom. 

You will find other fantastic touches, such as the M signed crown, unique limited edition engraving and a superb strap with perfectly executed purple accents. I found the limited edition engraving to be quite special. Instead of sequentially numbering each of the 10 produced, they all just indicate 1 of 10 – A nice touch for the guys who obsess over getting a low number limited edition piece, and certainly a way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to limited edition pieces. 

Overall this is a bold and incredibly unique watch, not for the faint of heart, and certainly for a dedicated enthusiast. This H. Moser & Cie is versatile; my wife and niece both tried it on, and found it “amazing”. In theory, you could let your significant other wear it; though you’d be better off buying a Moser for her specifically, you won’t want to share this watch. You can dress this piece up, dress it down, and go boldly wherever your journey takes you.

This limited edition H. Moser & Cie is available for acquisition right here at Properly Wound and is priced at $26,900 

Watch Specs:


-Stainless steel case, 43mm width, 12.60mm height.

-Domed sapphire crystal

-Sapphire display back.

-“1 of 10” engraved on the back bezel.


-Twilight Purple dawn fumé convex dial

-Central leaf-shape hour and minute hands

-Cross-hair dial inspired layout, applied faceted and polished rhodium-plated baton hour markers at, 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock.

-Recessed small seconds subdial


-Chocolate kudu leather strap with purple stitching and brown calf leather lining.

-Steel ardillon (tang) buckle.


-In-house hand-wound calibre HMC 327, diameter: 32.0 mm, height: 4.5 m

-Frequency: 18,000 vph (2.5 Hz)

-Power reserve: minimum 3 days, indicator on movement side.

Hacking seconds

-Moser teeth for all wheels and pinions

-Exclusive purple balance with purple Original Straumann Hairspring®, with stabilized Breguet overcoil.

H Moser Purple Haze
Escapement Detail from The Horophile