We've Created a Forum...

I know a lot of us utilize forums to conduct buys, sells, and trades. Many of us talk watches on the forums, and I have e-met several of you from a forum transaction or interaction. I believe forums play an important role in the life of a WIS.

Don’t worry – PW on Facebook isn’t going anywhere!

PW’s Forum is different…

Our forum platform is built to be interactive, clean, and feature packed
  • It does not require tapatalk to be mobile friendly, you can access its full suite of features directly from your mobile device via browser or app.
  • It is privately hosted on our server, and is not subject to 3rd party advertiser interests, or other oversight from big brother facebook.
  • It is conversational; most of the mainstream forums are built upon old PHP platforms that are like a flashback to 1999; often you must sift through the conversations page by page, not ours; just scroll.

  • Mentions and notifications make keeping up with the conversation easy and familiar.

  • Anti-Spam and Hacker proofed. Old PHP platforms are subject to many vulnerabilities from spammers, scammers, bots. Not ours. Our system utilizes an advanced IP management tool which will prevent the majority of unscrupulous activity before it even happens.

  • Our platform allows the community to suppress the spam that makes it past our anti-spam system.

  • Two-Factor Authentication is available for logins.

Trust in Verified Status…

  • Certain members can become verified; this shows other users that they are interacting with who they expect to be interacting with. Verified accounts are manually approved, and subject to several factors and approval.

Badges & Trusted Reputation…

  • Reputation is more than a post count, and more than a list of feedback. Our forum platform rewards those who are active in the community.

Modern Day Features…

  • Via facebook we utilize likes, and emojis to convey certain feelings – our forum allows for the same type of interaction.
  • Simple and fast search; gone are the days of sluggish searching. You’ll find the search tool to be fast and effective.
  • Easy profile viewing; check in on a members profile easily by simply tapping their avatar.

All the features you are accustomed to…

  • You can expect secure and private DM’s.
  • Simple media uploading.
  • Easy linking, that automatically previews.
  • Polls
  • Attachments

We hope you will join and can utilize the forum.

Rome was not built overnight, but in time this forum will become as vibrant and active as our facebook community and other forums.