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The Time Hack | Milspec Watches & The Context of Military Time.         By: Jon Custis

Somewhere in the world, a fighter pilot is verifying the current time on his watch before leaving the mission briefing room.  A sniper team lies in a hide site, noting the timing of the pattern of life they observe in a valley below them. An infantry squad leader pulls his sleeve back and notes the tritium hands on his watch face as a helicopter flares into a landing zone to drop his squad into action.

It is commonly known that accurate aviator watches were a critical element of navigation, and that World War I British troops brought wristwatches into common use, but time synchronization’s role in close air support, fire support, and a slew of other military maneuvers is less documented.

The Time Hack series will go beyond the basics of pilot and field watches, offering insight into not only the legacy pieces which command  top dollar at auction but the modern wrist-mounted GPS unit that aids in the synchronization of battle.

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